Chenga Ose Association, which means ‘all considered’, is a grassroots, Christian based organization. COA was formed in 2008 to build new hope and a future for those with disabilities and their families. COA’s scope reaches five provinces of Zimbabwe and directly cares for and empowers more than three hundred individuals with disabilities and their families. COA advocates for learning opportunities, job creation, health care and overall better living conditions for those with disabilities. COA and the families they serve have a relentless vision for not only increasing opportunities for their children but for all children and adults with disabilities in Zimbabwe. The vision is to promote each child and young adult with disabilities in Zimbabwe by providing them access to equal opportunities for education, employment, health and other critical services in a Christ-centered environment.

Would you consider partnering with Chenga Ose Association; with the Mambure family to enhance meaningful relationship among the support groups around Zimbabwe. Chenga Ose Association (COA) needs your partnership. Find out more HERE