Power of Together

Chenga Ose Association and Global Solutions

So in Christ we, though many, form one body, and each member belongs to all the others. Romans 12:5

What can happen when two God fearing organizations join forces for the good of Zimbabwe? We are about to find out…


COA and Global Solutions are taking steps to learn more about each other and how they can work together. Late last month they met with children and adults with disabilities and their families.

members smiling

global solutions

The program started with praise and worship.

both banners dancing

Lucia shared the COA story and how group members are supported and empowered.

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members with baby looking

The group was challenged to think about their perception of people with disabilities and why. Families and individuals shared their experiences, suffering and victories living with disabilities.

parent with child smiling

tapona speaking

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As the group further discussed and defined disabilities two panelists were called up to speak: Sister Mupawayenda a rehabilitation nurse and certified midwife to talk from a medical point of view and Henry Kane, a disability activist who is physically disabled. Henry summed up this time beautifully by saying that he does not consider himself “not normal” because he has not experienced the other ways of doing things.

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COA member, Admire led the group in song which was an incredible blessing to everyone in the room.


After lunch COA Support Group co-coordinator gave an update on an income generation project they are doing by making different kinds of soap.

The afternoon also included a demonstration of tools needed to work on finger and hand coordination. Families were encouraged to exercise their children at home to help supplement health care they desperately need but are not receiving.

Pastor Sam was invited to provide background of GBP solutions and what they are learning with COA. Global Solutions acknowledged their hopes of hiring children from COA groups if they have skills they can use.


Davis Mambure (below) gave the vote of thanks, notices and way forward, then Pastor Kanodeweta closed the time in prayer.

davis speaking coa banner

This was a full and fruitful day together, yet COA members and Global Solutions are only just beginning their work together to provide more opportunities for people with disabilities in Zimbabwe!


More to come…

A New Foundation

It can be so confusing when we think we have it all figured out and then our plans crumble. This is what the Mambure’s recently endured with the last school property they worked hard to obtain and develop. So much hard work went into the previously mentioned school location (Royal Creek), yet due to significant rent increase COA had to walk away and wait to see what God was going to do. Here we are about six months later with an update!

Davis and Lucia own a small property in Budiriro which they believe can be used to serve as a starting point for the learning center. COA is investing what they have in making faithful steps toward fixing up the property. Right now they are digging a broader foundation around the home with hopes of continued growth.

Together, let’s have faith that this small and dusty snapshot will complete it’s transformation into barren land!

School Launch

Royal Creek set to open in 2019!

Below is a quick summary of the school specifics from a recent COA Support Team Meeting:

  • There will be 4 classes
  • Vocational classroom for the older kids, focused on work opportunities and life skills, money, social studies, horticulture, and cooking (on location)
  • A Nursery/Preschool for the little ones with Play Center
  • School tuition will be for 3 months and they hope to use this to assist them in paying Rent for the property
  • They have basic supplies but will be going to auctions for some of the bigger items
  • They will be dedicated to the garden and orchard and are hoping to incorporate it fully into their program by managing it as well as selling the products
  • An experienced family member is able to help with getting the crops to the market, projects, and how to keep up with the maintenance of it all. Praise God for this partnership!

Back property:

Royal Creek back property small.png