COA Support Team

The COA Support Team is a group of friends and professionals who are committed to doing whatever they can to support the work of COA. Members of this team live in the United States or Zimbabwe. To reach out directly feel free to email:


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Kimberly Amos has a MA degree in Social Work and Education Administration. She has invested most of her 20 year career in people who work together to develop education and employment training  programs. Kim’s work  spans from the United States to other countries such as India, Thailand, Zimbabwe, Nicaragua, Kenya. Her passion is to walk and work with people the world least expects. Kim has been learning from the Mambure’s since 2008 and believes God will use their friendship to offer love, education and new opportunities in Zimbabwe.   


David Lautenbach has worked in business for over 30 years. He strives to find ways to connect business with mission so that all involved can grow and prosper. Dave has worked with the Mambure’s since 2008. 


Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee is a business management professional and educator with a documented record of performance in managing operations for both the private and public industries, as well as a recognized community leader and accomplished author. His career is an unique blend of the business and government sectors, along with the world of faith. This three-fold balance has lead to intriguing insights and approaches to the challenges faced in life, industry, and community. He is a diplomat that blends faith, business management, and effective governance for those people that desire prosperity in the developing communities around the world in an era of increasing global opportunities, but which also faces the challenges of secularization and polarization.


Pascah Mahosie


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Carolyn Meves worked in Special Education for over 15 years. She values her experience as a one on one assistant in the classroom, a Speech Therapy Assistant, and most recently, an assistant to the Assistive Technology Director. She has taken mission trips to Nicaragua and Guatemala, where she was able to visit and work alongside Special Education School in rural communities. She met Lucia while working in the Elim International Outreach Program, and they have been friends ever since. She dreams of one day visiting the Mambure’s and loves to spend her time encouraging her two young children to love others the way God loves them. Carolyn is also the creative heart behind an initiative called COA Crayons. 

COA Crayons is a fundraising project for Chenga Ose Association, an organization supporting individuals with disabilities in Zimbabwe, Africa. COA Crayons started out with Crayon Drives and Molding Sessions and has big dreams for the future. Small groups of churches, organizations, and even individual community members collect used or new crayons which are melted down and molded into new, adapted crayons for individuals with all abilities to use. The crayons will be sold to raise support for Chenga Osa Association, while forming meaningful and lasting relationships between COA Crayon Creators and Chenga Ose Association members. To learn more about COA Crayons visit: