Royal Creek set to open in 2019!

Below is a quick summary of the school specifics from a recent COA Support Team Meeting:

  • There will be 4 classes
  • Vocational classroom for the older kids, focused on work opportunities and life skills, money, social studies, horticulture, and cooking (on location)
  • A Nursery/Preschool for the little ones with Play Center
  • School tuition will be for 3 months and they hope to use this to assist them in paying Rent for the property
  • They have basic supplies but will be going to auctions for some of the bigger items
  • They will be dedicated to the garden and orchard and are hoping to incorporate it fully into their program by managing it as well as selling the products
  • An experienced family member is able to help with getting the crops to the market, projects, and how to keep up with the maintenance of it all. Praise God for this partnership!

Back property:

Royal Creek back property small.png

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